Expand your horizons…

Explore ways to deepen your yoga practice, improve your health, or challenge your mind!  Join us for a workshop or yoga retreat to deeply nourish your whole self. Each year we offer specialized workshops on yoga for back care and yoga for scoliosis, as well as ones exploring the chakras and other modalities for healing. Return here often to find events that intrigue you to expand your understanding of yourself and yoga.


Restorative Yoga Classes restorative Cathy and Margie wp
Immerse yourself in deep rest to heal and nourish, to dream, and refresh yourself on all levels. Yoga poses are held for varying lengths of time, supported by a collection of bolsters, blankets, blocks, and other yoga props.

Restorative Yoga
Sunday  5-6:30pm  $20
April 15


Learn how to relieve stress!
Meditation for Ease in your Lifemeditation standing wp
with Pam McDonald, Meditation Coach & Integrative Psychotherapist
Four Thursdays this Spring: March 22, 29,  April 5, 12
6:30-7:45pm  $80 for the 4 week course

Want to learn to meditate but don’t know how to start?
This new four-week meditation course is designed to teach meditation and other relaxation techniques to anyone interested in incorporating meditation into their daily lives.  No experience is necessary!
Each week you will learn ways to relax the body and mind to experience the rejuvenating stillness and peace that resides within each of us.   Meditation is an excellent stress reducer and can be a doorway to connect to your inner joy, creativity, and wisdom. Each week will allow time for learning, practicing, and discussing accessible approaches to meditation.


If you you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, this workshop is for you!
Yoga for Healthy BonesHealthy Skeleton
Saturday April 7    1-3:30pm  $40
taught by Margy Smariga, MA,     E-RYT 500, CYT

Diagnosed with osteoporosis or at risk for developing it?
Osteoporosis, which literally means “porous bone,” is called a “silent disease” because bone loss initially occurs without symptoms. Often, loss of height, rounding of the upper back, or bone fracture are the first signs that you have this disease. Today about 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or osteopenia. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to improve your bone health!

Join us to discover how to build stronger bones!



Modern Childbirth Education for Every Family and Every Birthbaby's hand wp
taught by Bergen Howlett, Julie Miller & Kaylah McCourtney of Two Rivers Childbirth
Five Sundays in Spring: April 8, 15, 22, 29, and May 6

This simple and comprehensive class gives families a solid understanding of the process of birth, communication and decision-making tools, the impacts of body balance and posture on birth, physical and emotional labor coping techniques, and resources for navigating the life change that is welcoming a new baby. Whether you plan to welcome your baby at the hospital, birth center or in your own home, this class is for you. Topics include:

  • ENVISIONING YOUR BIRTH — Defining and preparing for YOUR ideal birth experience
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION — The tools to effectively express YOUR birth plan
  • BIRTH PREPARATION — 5 ways to encourage YOUR best birth experience
  • BIRTH PROCESS — The process of physiological birth and what to expect at YOUR birth
  • COPING RESOURCES — Comfort and labor coping techniques for YOU and your partner
  • UNDERSTANDING OPTIONS — Your guide to navigating YOUR choices in modern childbirth with facts, not fear
  • BEYOND BIRTH — Equipping you with skills to best care for YOUR new baby and family

This series also includes our new 5th class with focuses on movement for pregnancy, labor and beyond, postpartum planning and Babywearing 101. All resources, including the Your Birth Experience Parent Guide are included.

Contact Bergen for more information and to register!