A Tree Grew in the Garden Studio!

Posted by on Jan 30, 2019 in Blog, Studio Update

Tree of Life

There was always going to be a tree in the Garden Studio… it just took 6 years to germinate, absorbing all our practice and teachings, growing into its own unique patterns that were finally ready to be revealed! 

Come see its beautiful shapes, flowing with energy and color, and embedded with symbols of unity and wholeness. Recognize the cycles of the seasons and our lives, the freedom of expression that is possible when we root in the Earth and thrive from the light within and the pulse of the Universe.  Come sit under the Tree of Life in the Garden Studio and feel your own energy quicken, your own dreams come to life! 

Painting by Kesra Hoffman

I am so grateful and honored that the fine local painter, Kesra Hoffman, agreed to offer her incredible talent to bring my vision of a Tree of Life into reality as a beautiful mural in the Garden Studio!  The tree revealed its true nature as the painting unfolded, growing and changing day by day. I was fortunate to be present as Kesra worked magic with color and brush, vision and deep presence – the artistic impulse palpable and alive…yoga and meditation in action! 

My deep and heartfelt thanks – Carla