Self Care through Mindfulness

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Self-care is a potent way to nourish one’s self in order to live a vibrant and meaningful life.  Paying attention to our lives moment by moment can deeply enhance our awareness of sensations  outside of ourselves as well as their reflections in our body, thoughts and emotional reactions to life experiences. Try this simple, yet powerful breath practice for building awareness by Thich Nhat Hanh: “Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in;Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out:Breathing in the present moment, I know it is a...

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Self Care as a Reflection of Ahimsa & Loving Awareness

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The 8 Fold Path of Yoga philosophy arises from the Yamas and Niyamas, ethical precepts and practices for living a fully enriched and embodied life.  Ahimsa, the first Yama, is often translated as “non-violence” or “doing no harm,” and forms the basis of all yoga beliefs and practices.   When we think of non-violence, we usually envision not hurting others, and, truly we value serving others as the highest expression of living an ethical life. However, we must also extend ahimsa to ourselves, loving...

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Studio Mystery Solved!

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At the heart of the Tree of Life lives the symbol for the sound of Om – the vibration and consciousness of the Universe.  Each stroke represents a state or aspect of that consciousness, united as one into Om. The strokes also correspond to the individual sounds embedded in the chanted sound of Om:  A-U-M – silence…  Interested in learning more?  Come by the studio and pick up a sheet explaining it in detail.

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A Tree Grew in the Garden Studio!

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Tree of Life There was always going to be a tree in the Garden Studio… it just took 6 years to germinate, absorbing all our practice and teachings, growing into its own unique patterns that were finally ready to be revealed!  Come see its beautiful shapes, flowing with energy and color, and embedded with symbols of unity and wholeness. Recognize the cycles of the seasons and our lives, the freedom of expression that is possible when we root in the Earth and thrive from the light within and the pulse of the...

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Truffles Charity Fundraiser Success!

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Not only were the truffles from DeFluri’s Chocolates delicious (I hope you sampled a few pieces …or boxes..for yourself!) but their sale also generated a great profit for charity. Through your generous purchases, Mountain Spirit Yoga donated $750 to the Frederick County chapter of Habitat for Humanity towards their building project in Middletown at 211 S. Jefferson Street – just around the corner from the studio! This allows a family the opportunity to build the house of their dreams and a better life. Thank you for helping...

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So many blessings and moments of joy!

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Just a few more minutes before the hours of Christmas Day wind down into the day after Christmas. I’m sitting here gazing at the waning full moon, reflecting light from the sun and my heart, so full from the joys of the day and this season.  So many laughs today with kids and grandkids  – some still young and others so grown, evoking memories of them as tiny ones tearing into gifts with sheer delight.  Today really wasn’t much different … except they were as grateful for the gift and the thought behind...

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Check out our Holiday 2018 Schedule

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We’ll be open between Christmas and New Years Day to help you to keep your yoga practice strong. We hope to see you at the studio! Click here to see our Holiday 2018 schedule.

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Give the Gift of Yoga to someone special!

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Consider giving an MSY Gift Certificate which can be used for classes, workshops, private sessions, and spending in the MSY Marketplace! You can purchase your gift certificate online (requires login) or at the studio before and after class.

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MSY’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop

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Just for the holidays we’ve got special gifts for everyone on your list, including: *beautiful appointment calendar books with inspirational quotes by Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, and other spiritual luminaries *coconut oil candles scented with essential oils by Aloha Bay *pure beeswax candles in the shape of lotus flowers and heart-shaped roses *silk eye pillows *new selection of yoga mats and mat bags *all-natural personal care items *Raffle basket of special gifts *NEW long-sleeved MSY T-shirts! Items are in-stock now and available...

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it invites me to pause and reflect on meaning in my life. If I begin each day with a moment of gratitude for my many blessings, the day unfolds with greater ease and sweetness. Some blessings appear readily as positive memories, while others are reluctant, representing challenges in my life. I know that all my experiences weave a rich tapestry of life lived and are worthy of gratitude, for in that moment of recognition, my heart opens to realize abundance – of healthy food, a lovely...

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