Studio Update

New Tai Chi Class!

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Newcomer Tai Chi class starts in Summer Session Have you always wanted to try Tai Chi to experience its benefits of creating strength, agility and balance?  This new class is for brand-new beginners. Taught by master teacher, Cain Yentzer. Tai Chi – Level 1 for Newcomers Saturdays 2:15-3:15pm That expands our Tai Chi classes to three each week!  If you have experience in Tai Chi, join us for one of the following: Level 3 – Beginning Saturdays 1:00-2:00pm Level 3 – Ongoing Thursdays 11:30-12:30pm

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Late Spring Session Notes

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The Monday 7pm Gentle class is on vacation for a few weeks.  Look for a new class coming in Summer session!

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Late Spring Session starting soon!

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Late Spring Session – April 22- June 16, 2019 Join your fellow students at the studio during May and June to keep your yoga practice committed! It’s also a great time to join the Pilates or Strength for Sculpt class to build core power, or Beginner Tai Chi to get your energy flowing with ease. Click here for the full Late Spring schedule.

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Studio Mystery Solved!

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At the heart of the Tree of Life lives the symbol for the sound of Om – the vibration and consciousness of the Universe.  Each stroke represents a state or aspect of that consciousness, united as one into Om. The strokes also correspond to the individual sounds embedded in the chanted sound of Om:  A-U-M – silence…  Interested in learning more?  Come by the studio and pick up a sheet explaining it in detail.

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A Tree Grew in the Garden Studio!

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Tree of Life There was always going to be a tree in the Garden Studio… it just took 6 years to germinate, absorbing all our practice and teachings, growing into its own unique patterns that were finally ready to be revealed!  Come see its beautiful shapes, flowing with energy and color, and embedded with symbols of unity and wholeness. Recognize the cycles of the seasons and our lives, the freedom of expression that is possible when we root in the Earth and thrive from the light within and the pulse of the Universe.  Come sit under the Tree of Life in the...

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