The Benefits of Yoga


Develops body awareness, deepens mental focus and outlook and balances emotional responses through the practice of postures, breath work, and meditation.

Yoga postures help restore, maintain, and improve flexibility and vitality.

Every part of the body is stretched, toned, stimulated and balanced.

Breathwork strengthens and directs energy and life force.  By releasing physical and mental tension, yoga taps into vast resources of energy that create vibrant health and well-being.

Meditation in yoga practice gently draws the mind back to awareness of your body and breath, creating a deep level of relaxation and feeling of peace.

“I enjoy all aspects of yoga, the challenge of the movements and postures, the meditations, the practice of mindfulness – so simple, yet so hard! I feel sure it has helped me control my blood pressure and keep me going with energy – painfree.” – Ruth