Travel Tales – Challenge & Opportunity

Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in Blog, Self Care, Workshop

Travel Tales – Challenge & Opportunity

What do you get when storms hit, flights are cancelled, the line to change flights is endless, folks are cranky, and you just want to get home?… a perfect time to practice yoga!

This happened to me Sunday when I was trying to fly home out of John Wayne airport (for real!) in Southern California. It opened the doorway to making a new best friend (bonding from standing in line together for 3 hours swapping stories about our yoga studios), meeting a kind person who shared a free travel voucher to LAX airport with me (a $125 taxi ride), and processing all my notes from the yoga therapy conference I had just attended while waiting for my flight out Tuesday morning. The experience was all about being present and aware of others around me and of my own reactions to what was unfolding – of being in the moment and calmly observing … being non-reactive. Throw in some deep breaths, stretching, an evening meditation; and it was a perfect day of yoga!

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