Getting started

Practice at Mountain Spirit Yoga

Yoga is a journey, a process of self-discovery, of transformation. It weaves our body, mind and spirit into whole cloth.

You are on your way along your unique path of yoga!  Once you have chosen and registered for a class, follow the guidelines below to enhance your class experience.

Class Attendance

Come to class each week to learn new postures and breathing techniques, to practice what you have learned, and to build your strength, endurance and flexibility.  For the greatest benefit from yoga, create a daily home practice.

Class Make-ups

Make up any missed class in a class at a similar level during the current session only. Missed classes will not be pro-rated.

Prepare for Class

Come to class a few minutes early. Bring into class only what you need to support your practice (your yoga mat and other props) and leave the rest of your belongings and worldly cares at the door.  Place your mat and stretch or relax to prepare yourself for class. Please avoid unnecessary talking before or after class to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and to respect other students’ quiet.

Running Late or Missing Class?

If you are late to class, please wait quietly in the entryway until the centering is completed. If you know you are going to miss class, please let the teacher know so another student can have your spot.

Yoga Props

Bring your own yoga mat and other props if you have them.  The studio provides extra mats; as well as blocks, blankets, belts, bolsters, and eye pillows to enhance your yoga practice.

What to wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement.  Dress in layers and always bring a sweater or jacket for relaxation. Yoga is practiced barefoot and without jewelry that interferes with movement. Please refrain from wearing perfume, highly scented lotions, or aftershave.  Some students are very sensitive to fragrances and strong scents may affect everyone’s deep breathing.

Eating Before Class

Yoga needs to be practiced on an empty stomach to avoid nausea. Please don’t eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before class.

Health Considerations

On your first visit to the studio, you will complete a health card. Before each class, tell your teacher if you have any recent injuries or health concerns, and if you are under a doctor’s care for spinal problems, sinus conditions, blood pressure fluctuations, or a serious disease.