Yoga creates real change in people’s lives

Here’s what MSY students have to say:

I considered taking yoga for many years before actually trying it last year. While I had heard good things about it, I had been intimidated by what I didn’t know.  I found Mountain Spirit Yoga to be a welcoming atmosphere and I was hooked after my very first class. I love the feeling of youth and vigor I have at the end of each practice, and I have noticed measurable improvement in my balance and strength.” – Robin

Practicing yoga with Carla, either in a chair or on the mat, is a wonderful experience for me. Carla is the rare person who knows each of her students so well that she anticipates our needs, whether we are nursing a bad knee, a sore back, or a bit of vertigo, and she helps us to individually adjust our practice accordingly. I end each session feeling better than when I arrived. After almost 13 years of taking yoga classes with Carla, I am still amazed at how she can keep each practice fresh and interesting. I am very grateful.” – Marti

“When facing a total hip replacement at a relatively young age (due to a progressive condition which is relatively rare among women), I continued my yoga practice at MSY up until the day before surgery – despite decreasing mobility and increasing pain. Carla helped me modify poses and work with my limitations, which were difficult for me to accept since I am quite athletic and very active. I could not physically practice yoga during my 11 days in the hospital, but every Monday and Wednesday at my regular MSY class times, I would practice with my yoga class friends in my heart and in my mind for 90 minutes. It brought me peace and a sense of calm. The support of my yoga friends and teachers during that time meant so much to me, and I was back on the mat at MSY eight weeks after surgery. My surgeon supported my yoga practice and commented that the strength, flexibility, and focus from my yoga practice helped me recover more quickly, more easily, and more completely.  – Cathy C.

I began my yoga practice at Mountain Spirit Yoga a few years ago when my children were experiencing the adventures and misadventures of adolescence. I was grieving the loss of my mother, my husband’s parents were aging and ill, and my best friend was dying of cancer. I was feeling the stress and exhaustion of all that as well as the routine of work and daily life.  Carla and all the instructors at MSY provide an environment that is incredibly gentle, nurturing, and healing; as well as challenging and fun. MSY has helped me find and maintain my physical and emotional balance as my children launch into adulthood and I move through the inevitable changes in life.” – Janet

I have been a runner for 17 years and have known about the benefits of yoga, but never seemed to make the time to do it. After considering taking a yoga class for the umpteenth time, I finally made the effort to register at Mountain Spirit Yoga. Over the course of a few 8 week sessions, I discovered that yoga was doing so much more for me physically, mentally, and spiritually than I ever expected. I wasn’t breathing heavy and sweating like I do when I run, but I was experiencing a positive transformation in my life. I’ve been practicing yoga with Carla for over a year now, and I found that yoga complements my running perfectly, as it has enabled me to train for and complete several long distance races without injury or long recovery periods. But, even more importantly, practicing yoga has helped me develop a much healthier attitude towards life.  I feel less stressed, more focused, and have much more gratitude for the blessings in my life.” – Barb