Always Grateful for You!

Published on: November 26, 2020
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More than once this week as I was teaching gratitude practices in yoga classes, my heart flowed over with love for each of you – those of you sitting with me in classes, those of you at home practicing with videos or on Zoom, those of you who have come through our studio at some point in our 14 years in Middletown, and those who have practiced with me from the beginning in 2000…plus all the hundreds of lives you have touched along the way by living your yoga.

The healing power of yoga and gratitude awareness opens our hearts to offer understanding and compassion to others – in need of a helping hand, an encouraging smile, or simply acceptance of the pain and suffering we all experience at some point in our lives. It also shines the light of loving awareness back to ourselves to celebrate our wholeness – both the challenges and the delight in our lives.

As a community and a nation, these past eight months have really tried our patience and our ingenuity, our capacity to embrace new paradigms of “normal,” and our steadfast resolve to create realms of possibility we hadn’t dreamed of before. As a yoga studio, we have survived those waves of change – but only because of your unlimited support!

Going forward there will be more changes to navigate that require flexibility and commitment from all of us. Together, we can keep the Mountain Spirit Yoga community alive and thriving.

For your love and support of our community, I am eternally grateful!


Best of the Best – Top Finalist!

MSY received the honor of Top Finalist Yoga Studio in the 2020 Best of the Best of Frederick County!

What a fitting way to celebrate your support and the strength of our community during this crazy year! This marks the 6th year in a row we have received that honor and I am humbled every time.

To you – our loyal students, family and friends – thank you!

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