Puppy running in leaves

Autumn has arrived…can you feel change in the air?

Published on: September 26, 2020
Blog, Studio Update

Sometimes autumn feels just like the pup in this picture – full of exuberance for life as he bounds through falling leaves.

Characterized by wind and movement, autumn sweeps out what is ready to be released and ushers in change by its very nature. While exhilarating, those autumn winds can also be unsettling, leaving us untethered and without direction, yearning for stable ground.

This autumn promises to be rocked by change and uncertainty about the future. Yoga teaches us to be fully aware and present in each moment so that we can greet change with equanimity. How can you remain steady in your center and present in your life, able to release what is ready to go and embrace what will nurture your self for your highest good?

Practice… practice grounding yourself in the earth, establishing stability in your body and mind; practice letting go of “what ifs?” and worry about the future, freeing yourself to act in ways that create positive change for us all. Practice…practice…practice.

May you be steady, strong and cultivate resilience this autumn,