Change is in the Air for Autumn

Change is in the Air for Autumn!

Published on: August 19, 2021
Blog, Studio Update

Just after hours of deep rain cleared from the skies, I sensed it – the promise of change towards Autumn! Perhaps it was the smell of wet leaves rotting back into the Earth or the stubble of corn left standing in a distant field or the honking of geese overhead on their way to points unknown to me, but it was there! Autumn is on its way – the season of transition from summer’s permeating heat and abundant sunshine to the starkness of the winter landscape, the time of harvest and preparation for nurturing ourselves in the unknown.

Summer was an abundant time at the studio this year, with full classes and several new students. We are so grateful for each and every one of you who keep the studio strong and vibrant! To support your yoga practice and ensure the studio’s vitality for the coming season, we have made some changes in class structure, schedule and fees for the September Session. Please read all the details.

In gratitude for your continuing support and presence,

love, Carla