Online Session Week 2

From our house to yours… Week 2 Online

Published on: April 6, 2020
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A huge thank you and hugs to all of you who joined us last week to navigate this brave new world of virtual yoga classes! We heard from so many of you who ordered one or many videos from the Week 1 selection. Each e-mail I received brought a smile to my face as I pictured you and sent you a big thank you from my heart for taking good care of yourself and staying connected to the studio.

Last week with the governor’s order to shelter in place, we moved from the studio to our homes to record MSY videos. It’s fitting to film at home because that is where you are. You know, fostering home yoga practice has always been a goal of mine at the studio. It’s so important for you to make practice a regular part of your life, and if videotaping myself in my living room several times a week teaching yoga helps you create that for yourself, it is well worth my time and effort. Plus, it’s kind of fun! One of the prime benefits of offering you pre-recorded videos is that you can watch them more than once, in the safety and comfort of your home. But I still really miss seeing you in person …

Stay well and healthy,

p.s. If you attend Senior classes at MSY, check your email inbox for a notice sent just for you on Sunday.

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