Home for the Holidays! Online Video Series

Enrich yourself with yoga and Pilates!

While the studio is closed for the weeks of Christmas 2020 and New Years, we hope you are resting, renewing your energy for 2021, and sharing sweet times with your family and friends (be creative and stay safe!)

Maintaining your sense of balance is critical as you navigate these times of transition at the end of the year. Building strength and resilience will enable you to step forward into new challenges with confidence and ease.

MSY has just the practices for you!

You will receive a link with immediate access to the videos in your email receipt after your purchase is complete with unlimited access through March 31, 2021.

Home for the Holidays: Balance & Resilience through Yoga

Home for Holidays: Balance and Resilience through Yoga

Dates: Available now!
Instructor: Audra Monk
Cost: $35, for two, 60-minute online videos

Join Audra for this two-part yoga video series that explores the relationship between internal and external balance; the play between movement and stillness. Each video is 60 minutes long.

Video 1: Aspects of Balance

Is balance within the breath, is it in the pose, or is it in the transitions between the poses? Maybe it’s all of those things. 60 minutes.

Video 2: Balance Challenges

Explore the nature of balance in more challenging balance poses. Join Audra to warm up and breathe, and then walk the mountain, explore a forest of trees, and dare to take flight! 60 minutes.

Home for the Holidays: Chair Pilates for Strength & Balance

Home for Holidays: Chair Pilates for Strength & Balance

Dates: Available now!
Instructor: Mary Barton
Cost: $50, for four, 45-minute online videos

Join Mary for this four-part Pilates video series adapted for use with a chair. Each video is 45-minutes long.

Pilates is a fitness program which builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body by putting emphasis on alignment, core strength, coordination and balance. Using a chair allows Pilates to be more accessible for all levels of capability. Each video uses a variety of different props to enhance the effects and support you to be in optimal alignment.

The following props are needed through this series:

  • small/tennis ball
  • larger ball for spine lengthening
  • circular tube or long band
  • dowel
  • 1-3 lb weights
  • strap