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Honoring Mothers Everywhere! May Week 2

Published on: May 11, 2020
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When I think of favorite memories of my mother, I smell sweet and sour cabbage on the stove, see her in the garden cutting long stalks of her beloved gladiolas, hear her voice cheering on the Atlanta Braves as she listened to games on a transistor radio, and feel her love envelope me wholly and completely.

Even though she has been gone 45 years, she lives in my heart in these vivid memories and in a sense of continuity of herself in me. Sometimes I see her in the shape of my hands or how I arrange something just so; at other times in her expectations of me that I have adopted as principles in my life.

Regardless of how she appears, she is always there, offering me a touchstone to myself… just like your mothers. Whether your mother is nearby or lives far away, or exists as a memory in your heart, know that the loving bond between you is real and can be touched simply by shifting your awareness to her.

Honor mothers everywhere – you, your mother, your grandmother, your daughters and granddaughters – we all are connected by an unbroken bond of love.

Offer gratitude to the mothers in your life and how they shaped yourself today.

Sending an abundance of light and love,

May Week 2 Unique Class Offerings

Moderate Plus Yoga – for the athlete in all of us!
Week 2 – Lower Body Strengthening – This week we explore building strength and flexibility in the lower body – it’s kind of like leg day, yoga style. Join Audra in this achievable and fun practice exploring the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. We’ll warm up, salute the sun, and play with lunges and standing poses with a lovely finish with pigeon and savasana. Join in the fun!

Gentle Yoga – Back Care Series – Oh, my aching back!
Week 2 – Upper Back practice – Learn how imbalances in the lower body helps create both tightness and weakness in the upper back and neck; and how yoga can help! This Gentle class is a slower-paced yoga practice that can help all of us with occasional back pain. Not appropriate for those with acute back pain.

Friday Surprise Yoga!
Week 2 – Happy Feet! Your Foundation – Join Audra in a practice where it’s all about the feet. We’ll talk about them, massage them, and appreciate them. Then we’ll work on noticing and strengthening them in a standing practice. This is an all levels practice.

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students – More videos coming your way this week, courtesy of Cain!

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