Almost July

It is nearly July! Time to Take a Collective Breath

Published on: June 29, 2020
Blog, Gratitude, Self Care, Studio Update
Whew! What an experience these past several weeks have been! We have all made myriad changes in our lives as the result of truly hard decisions that required vision, patience, and suspending fear in favor of faith that something better would emerge from those difficult choices. Here we are, more than three months later, faced with more decisions about how best to reengage with a world that is not yet spinning true on its axis.

Let’s pause for a moment, right now, to take a breath and appreciate our resilience and growth from these experiences… Take another breath and let it wash over you in cleansing waves that melt resistance and worry… One more breath to drink in the possibility that we can create some lasting changes in our lives for our benefit and for the collective good of our community and world.

Breath by collective breath we remain present, clearing our vision to step forward into this brave new world in our own way and time.

I look forward to seeing you on your mat when you are ready.
Sending you infinite love and light,

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