Offering of Love and Hope

Join us for A Month of Love and Hope

Published on: January 29, 2021
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We all need to reestablish a sense of rhythm in our lives that sustains our vision for the future – one filled with acceptance and understanding, with good health and prosperity, and with peace for all – nourished by the love in our hearts.

A Month of Love and Hope was created by Audra, Mary and me to help build that vision for the future. It is our heart’s offering to you all! There is something for everyone – a sampling of the many aspects of yoga. Join:

For our collective vision to grow and have power in the world, though, we need you and others to strongly support it and join us for one or more of the workshops – in the studio or on Zoom.

Let’s join together in love and light,

Please share this information with others in your circle to build an even stronger vision!