Month Of Love and Hope

Love triumphs over fear, light illumines darkness

Published on: January 22, 2021
Blog, Self Care, Studio Update

In the opening weeks of 2021 we have witnessed the darkest excesses of fear and hatred and also the strength of character that encourages bravery and engenders hope that love and light can prevail over that darkness. Today dawned brighter with the possibility of living our individual lives with a more open heart that accepts and understands rather than judges or condemns others; that nurtures hopes for peace and initiates changes that benefit all beings.

I wanted to help each of us lift the heaviness that has enshrouded us since last March to emerge healthier in body and mind, at more peace in our loving hearts and shining our own light more brightly.

In response, Audra, Mary and I created A Month of Love and Hope for February. Please join us for one or all of the weekly offerings to shift our personal and collective energy from fear to love, from darkness to light.

Let’s join together in love and light,