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Memorial Day a time to pause, remember, honor, and look forward! May Week 4

Published on: May 25, 2020
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On this Memorial Day weekend, it is only appropriate to pause and honor those who have served our country in the traditional way through the armed forces. Even more poignantly this year, we need to pay tribute to the thousands of people on the front lines of fighting the pandemic that has turned all our lives upside down – from the doctors and nurses in the hospitals, to the first-responders who have no choice to shelter at home, and to the essential workers who keep our country running while we experience this great pause in our lives. I am humbled by the depth of sacrifice that so many have made in order for the rest of us to be safe, fed, working from home, and as healthy as possible.

It is also a time to remember all those we have lost to the coronavirus and those who lost their battles with other diseases while we were focused on the pandemic. Their bright spirits live in our hearts even though they will not be with us when we come out of shelter.

It has been said that we are all in the same storm but in different boats, experiencing this time through our personal circumstances and perspective. Our threshold of tolerance for being at home, for overwhelm, for boredom, for despair, for hope varies by our unique outlook on life. As we begin the transition back into the world, may we all remember to be considerate of those around us – their needs, their rights, their fears, and their hopes that we may all be safe and healthy – just like yours.

May we all be kind, May we all be healthy, May we all know peace of heart and mind.

Sending an abundance of light and love,

May Week 4 Unique Class Offerings

Moderate Plus Yoga – for the athlete in all of us!
Week 4 – Core Strengthening – This week we focus on the core. We’ll strengthen the core with some fun pose variations as well as pay a little more attention in how being strong at our center helps us to be strong in our poses. This practice is accessible at the moderate level.

Gentle Yoga – Back Care Series – Oh, my aching back!
Reviewing the principles of back care for the lower and upper back, plus the side body, we will also explore rotations in the body that can cause back pain and do a practice for the whole body. This Gentle class is a slower-paced yoga practice that can help all of us with occasional back pain. Not appropriate for those with acute back pain.

Friday Surprise! Week 4
Week 4 – Gentle Feldenkrais Movements for Better Sleep – Stress robs us of a good night’s sleep, limiting the renewal benefits for our body and mind of deep rest. Join Katie Giarth for a gentle Feldenkrais practice to encourage you to unwind tension and stress, allowing you to sleep better and wake refreshed. Please welcome back Katie after her great Feldenkrais workshop on March 1, just before we closed the studio. Once we reopen, she will begin teaching Feldenkrais at MSY. Both chair and floor practices are included – suitable for everyone.

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students – More videos coming your way this week, courtesy of Cain!

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