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More Transitions – MSY Video Library

Published on: September 12, 2020
Blog, Studio Update

Who thought when we made our first yoga videos in March that we would still be at it in September?!

Over those 6 months, we have filmed 125 yoga classes to support your home practice!! Whew! It has been an amazing time of creativity and growth for us, and we are still going strong creating weekly videos for you.

After much thought and consideration, we are restructuring our video library storage to make it more manageable for us and enticing for you to try new videos.

Starting with this September Session, weekly yoga class videos will now be available on our YouTube channel until the end of the following month.

That means that September videos will be available for purchase and viewing until the end of October, and continue that pattern monthly.

Additionally, we will begin retiring earlier videos at the end of September, starting with the Spring and May Sessions.

So, watch your favorite videos a few more times before they are gone, and get ready for new ones coming your way!