New Year 2021

New Year! New Vision! New Classes! New Pass!

Published on: December 31, 2020
Blog, Studio Update


This year has been a revolving door of adapting to challenging situations, expectations, and ways of being in the world. Many of us are weary of all these demands and at year’s end yearn for a brighter new year filled with hope and transformation to a more positive reality in our personal lives, our community and the world.

We can create that vision through our thoughts and heartfelt energy that we offer to ourselves and others. Keep walking the path of yoga’s basic principles – of ahimsa/not harming -yourself or others in your thoughts or actions; of satya/truthfulness – living your personal truth and recognizing greater truths; and of aparigraha/releasing attachment to the way things have been, of the negativity of this year, so that we can all…

Envision the light and let it shine your way forward. Blessings in this new year!


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