Snow! All Classes Cancelled 1/7/22

Published on: January 7, 2022
Blog, Studio Update


such a beauty…
What a beautiful winter tableau we woke up to this morning! However, due to its early morning timing…


9:30am Bone Health & Balance
11:30am Gentle Yoga

Join us next week to build strong bones and get out the kinks from shoveling today.

Be safe!

Snow Cancellation Policy

Winter arrived this week with serious purpose! Just a reminder of the studio’s policy regarding class cancellations for snow.

MSY Cancels the Class

Notices will be posted on Facebook, sent by email newsletter and from Punchpass at least 2 hours before the beginning of the cancelled class. Your reservation will automatically be deleted and no pass credits will be used. Please do not call the studio phone.

You Decide Not to Come to Class

If the studio holds the class but you don’t feel safe driving there (or a snowdrift blocks your front door), simply delete your reservation or transfer it to another class in the Winter Session (remember, you have 2 months to come to another class). The window for you to delete, transfer, or cancel a class reservation late has been changed to 2 hours ahead of the class’s starting time for the Winter Session.