So many blessings and moments of joy!

Published on: December 27, 2018
Blog, Gratitude

Just a few more minutes before the hours of Christmas Day wind down into the day after Christmas. I’m sitting here gazing at the waning full moon, reflecting light from the sun and my heart, so full from the joys of the day and this season. 

So many laughs today with kids and grandkids  – some still young and others so grown, evoking memories of them as tiny ones tearing into gifts with sheer delight.  Today really wasn’t much different … except they were as grateful for the gift and the thought behind it as they were for the excitement of tearing open the wrappings and wading knee-deep through paper and ribbon for hugs! Feeling so much gratitude for all of it – the hugs and laughter, jokes and thoughtful moments, good food and loving bonds of family. I hope that you also felt the blessings of family and friends, of love and laughter, today and throughout the holiday season!  It’s not too late! While Christmas Day has now slipped into December 26, that’s another full day of opportunities to love your family and friends and feel gratitude for all your blessings –  both momentous and small moments that bring a smile to your face and warm your heart with love.  

Start your own gratitude journal and reap the many benefits of this simple yet profound practice – more positive emotions and deeper aliveness, expressing more kindness and compassion for others, improved sleep, and even a stronger immune system! 

From my heart to yours – live in gratitude!
love, Carla