Spring Equinox Greetings

Spring Equinox Greetings

Published on: March 20, 2020
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a time for inner balance

Breathing in, I feel the bright aliveness of daffodils
Breathing out, I smile in delight
Embodying their resilience and fragility both
I am reminded that balance is a moment in time, always unfolding

-Carla McAdams, in the manner of Thich Nhat Hanh

The mini daffodils are in their full glory just outside the door to the Garden Studio, greeting me this morning with their glad faces. Spring has arrived – a time of the return of life after winter’s sleep, of the exuberance of Nature, and of hope that the darkness of winter has passed and the brightening sun promises renewal. But our world is precariously out of balance, with spring arriving just as we are sequestered inside our homes away from one another and hope is perennially dampened by endless news reports of suffering and crippling fear around the world. So, how do we embody the energy of Spring – of hope, of renewal, of burgeoning life – in this time of great challenges?

The Equinox is a time of equal amounts of daylight and darkness. That moment occurred last night, March 19, at 11:49PM Eastern Time, and from that moment forward until the Summer Solstice, the amount of sunlight increases daily to overcome the darkness. This is a time unlike any other Spring in our lives to develop a sense of balance – by both going inside to generate deeper personal resources and by spending time outside in Nature to create greater connection to the wonder and beauty expanding around us. Now is a time of rich opportunity to develop bonds with family that are affirming and joyful; and also a time to reflect, meditate, practice yoga, sing, dance, and enrich your relationship with your deeper self. Every day is a time to walk in the woods; to listen to spring peepers and the return of robins; and to revel in all the hues of eye-popping yellows, soft pinks, and bright greens. There is no other time but NOW to be truly present in your life and experience all its emotions … then take a breath in, breathe out and release your doubts and fears, and smile at the wonder of that moment of balance.

Holding you all in my heart, in light and love and the promise of balance.

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