Stay Cool in Summer's Dog Daze Heat

Stay Cool in Summer’s Dog Daze Heat

Published on: July 18, 2020
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Nature’s rhythm has shifted to the slow hot days of summer, with sultry afternoons of shimmering heat and insects buzzing for nectar from upturned flowers in hues of yellow and orange. Storm clouds roll by in rumbling waves that promise rain but rarely release that live-giving moisture, leaving the soil bone dry. All the blooming glory withers in the heat’s glare, waiting for evening’s cool. In the cycle of gardening, this is the time of endless watering to nourish the delicate petals of petunias and hydrangeas, and even the more sturdy lilies and sunflowers. Nature’s resilience is once again on display, as the water revives that ineffable urge to wildly express all that is possible.

Our rhythms shift at this time as well, ushering in lazy afternoons and less energy to get things done in life.

Follow the lead of nature:

  • Get up early in the cool of morning to your day’s busyness
  • Rest in the afternoon, and
  • Bring the day to close with nurturing evening activities.

Eat more lightly – cooling foods like cucumber, berries and watermelon. Add a sprig of mint and a lemon wedge to your water to refresh your body and tastebuds.

Exercise in the cool of the day and practice yoga that is slow and rhythmic or cooling in nature – a simple “legs up the wall” will do to rest your mind, rejuvenate your body, and reset your nervous system!

Stay cool in these dog daze of summer!

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