Summer Solstice

Summer is Coming – Celebrate with Friday Surprise! June Week 3

Published on: June 15, 2020
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Next Saturday, June 20, summer officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere at 5:44pm. It is the longest day of the year as the sun is at the highest and most northern point in the sky. Solstice means “sun standing still,” as it appears to pause its movement across the sky at that moment.

Festivals for the Summer Solstice have been celebrated around the world since ancient times. One of the most famous ones occurs at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, as huge crowds gather to witness the sun rise over the Heel Stone and ascend into the sky. This year, due to the Coronavirus, you cannot visit in person, but you can watch it virtually by connecting to its Facebook page here!

In India, thousands of people gather to practice yoga with the rising sun, humbly saluting its power and life-giving strength. They also practice yoga together for happiness, for love, for forgiveness, and for correcting mistakes from the past. You don’t have to travel to India this Summer Solstice – instead join Carla for the Friday Surprise! Summer Solstice Celebration! See details below.

May we all practice forgiveness to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others, and celebrate the awe and majesty of the rising sun!

Sending an abundance of light and love,

June Week 3 Unique Class Offerings

Moderate Plus Yoga – Exploring Balance
Join Carla to explore the interplay of movement and stillness, of focused and widespread physical awareness, and how to use them to establish balance through yoga. We will build standing balance pose series over the 4 weeks, using the principles of grounding, rising and expanding; as well as determine how breath, mudras, and affirmations affect our emotional and mental balance.

Gentle Yoga – Stress Relief Series
Week 3 – This week we move, practicing being completely in the moment, with some chair sun salutations. We do two breathing exercises, and enjoy a nice soft reclining twist and savasana.

Create Bone Strength
Week 3 – Weights
This whole body fitness program utilizes balance exercises, weight bearing routines, and low impact movements to help maintain and stimulate bone health in a safe way. Come strengthen your whole body and improve balance! Chair and floor options will be given for all movements.

Friday Surprise Yoga! Summer Solstice!
Week 3 – Summer Solstice Celebration!
Summer is coming and officially begins next Saturday, June 20. Join Carla to celebrate the longest day of the year, complete with 9 rounds of sun salutation variations following the chakras (chair options given). Be sure to stay for the special surprise meditation after practice!

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students – More videos coming your way this week, courtesy of Cain! Be sure to purchase the June Tai Chi Pass to continue receiving videos.

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