Blueberry bush

Summer Unfolding – we all bloom in our own way

Published on: June 22, 2020
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While picking blueberries in our garden the other morning, I was struck by the exact nature of choosing which berries to pick. In each cluster of berries there is a variety of ripeness, of colors ranging from soft green to deepest blue, of plumpness and weight hanging from the stem, and of willingness to gently release its hold on that stem to softly roll into your fingers and drop into the pail. Appearances can be deceiving as the light changes from a passing cloud or the ripest berries remain hidden under shading leaves. My perspective had to shift to find those hidden gems, sometimes kneeling on the ground to peer upward for them or looking from the other side of the bush.

People these days remind me of those blueberries, as we begin to venture out of our family or community groupings into the wider world – some move tentatively, others set aside fears and stride boldly, and some remain in the protection of their cluster. We all have our own way of dealing with the events of these past months sheltering at home, and all have our own tolerances and concerns for staying close to home or going out. We are all finding our own way through these bewildering times, and like my blueberries, we will all ripen back into the world in our own way and timing.

Weighing that understanding of differences with the realities of owning a small business that needs to reopen has been tricky, at best. I was so encouraged by the results of the survey that aligned with my own thinking and assessment of the possibilities for reopening. Please answer the survey, if you have not yet had a chance, so all your voices are heard. Read below for our first steps towards seeing you all on the mat again, in your own time.

May we all bloom in our own authentic way and time!

Sending an abundance of light and love,

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