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What’s in a Number? August Week 4

Published on: August 22, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Little did I realize when I graduated as a newly-minted yoga teacher in 2000 that my 20th year of teaching yoga anniversary would fall on 8/20/2020! I really like numbers and delight in their orderly patterns and sometimes surprising coincidences. Had that auspicious moment occurred in the evening at 8:20pm instead of at noon, it would be even more juicy (graduating at 8:20pm on 8/20 and be celebrated 20 years later as 8:20pm 8/20/2020 … well, you see how I get carried away!)

What is more significant, though, is what has changed in the world of yoga and what has remained constant deep within me during that timeframe. Learning the yamas and niyamas – the guiding principles of living as a yogi – was a fascinating inquiry then, but has proven to truly unfold as my daily practice of doing no harm to myself and others, releasing attachments, living simply, studying yoga in all its manifestations, and becoming a witness to the deeper Self. These guiding principles have helped me navigate the explosion of yoga that occurred as yoga hit the mainstream and now has become recognized by the medical community as an important and viable healing modality. That has always been my path within the world of yoga – to help others seek healing within themselves using the deep practices of yoga – the breath… always the breath (my biggest realization during that first training – it’s all about the breath!), mindful movement arising from the breath and finding authentic alignment in the body as a reflection of aligning with our deeper truths. By creating a positive vision of ourselves, interwoven with understanding and compassion, we can begin to heal deep wounds and remember our innate wholeness.

So, in profound gratitude to these and so many more truths from studying and living yoga, I pass this 20 year milestone and continue on my path towards creating wholeness; potentially helping others along the way to their own healing.

I am so honored that all of you have allowed me to practice this deeper yoga and share your journey as well – some for a shorter while and others for all of those 20 years!

In love and light,

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