Yoga for Gardening

Yoga for Gardening! May Week 3

Published on: May 18, 2020
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Get rid of those garden-achy low-back blues!

Gardening is a dance with Nature, an opportunity to explore plants’ infinite variations of color and form brought forth by light and soil, wind and rain… an attempt to understand her rhythms, but not control them, as those results are often stilted and disappointing. It creates a pathway into yourself as you move and weave your desires with the serendipity or greater plan of Nature. Ultimately, gardening becomes a way of life that moves with the seasons, day by day, as we run out to see what has unfolded with the morning light and marvel in wonder at the ineffable beauty around us.

I have gardened my whole life and never tire of its demands on my time and body….but I have also experienced my share of sore low back muscles, tight hamstrings, cramped hands, and that moment of wondering if I can get up off the ground and unfold my body! If that sounds familiar, then be sure to join me for Yoga of Gardening – the Week 3 Friday Surprise class. We will look at how common garden chores affect the muscles and connective tissue of our body, and how yoga can help – both on the mat and in the garden.

Stay tuned to the end of the class for a special surprise! See you in the garden!

Sending an abundance of light and love,

May Week 3 Unique Class Offerings

Moderate Plus Yoga – for the athlete in all of us!
Week 3 – Upper Body Strengthening – This week we will explore building strength and flexibility in the upper body. Let’s pay attention to how we can move the shoulder girdle and the arms in a variety of poses. We will play with arm variations in Tree Pose and Warrior 2. The practice also includes Plank Pose and Side Plank as well as Crow Pose. While challenging, but not crazy hard, this practice is accessible at the moderate level.

Gentle Yoga – Back Care Series – Oh, my aching back!
Week 3 – Side Body Movement- The side body connects the upper and lower back; and imbalanced muscles and connective tissue there create high hips and shoulders that create pain in both the upper and lower back. This Gentle class is a slower-paced yoga practice that can help all of us with occasional back pain. Not appropriate for those with acute back pain.

Friday Surprise Yoga!
Week 3 – Yoga for Gardening – Join Carla to learn how common garden chores create imbalances in the front and back of our bodies, causing low back pain and other discomforts. Learn a practice to do on the mat before gardening or out in Nature while you are gardening.

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students – More videos coming your way this week, courtesy of Cain!

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