MSY Community Wellness Event

Yoga for Vibrant Health & Wellness!

Published on: September 4, 2019
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Stress? Back pain? Arthritis? Poor Posture?

Chances are good that you have or will experience these conditions, as well other types of chronic pain, at some point in your life. A majority of visits to physicians stem from these common ailments, which are often the result of daily living and lifestyle choices. Slouching posture from too much sitting and use of computers contributes directly to back pain and reduced energy levels. Fear of falling from declining strength makes us more hesitant in our movements, creating worse balance problems. How can you change these imbalances in your body to create more vitality in your life?

Come to MSY’s FREE Community Wellness Open House

We’re sharing simple techniques to ease stress, lessen back pain, mobilize arthritis pain, and build greater strength and balance to improve your posture.

This Community Wellness Open House highlights some of the programs and classes offered at the studio and is the kick-off event for upcoming workshops this fall and winter on these lifestyle topics. 

Enjoy mini-classes on back care, arthritis, improving posture, strength and balance. Talk with our highly-trained and experienced yoga teachers and yoga therapists about how yoga and strength classes can help you relieve pain!