At Home Together!

At Home Together! Online Video Series

School has begun! Parents are still working at home while helping their kids with online classes. How to keep everyone calm, engaged and productive?

Yoga to the Rescue!

Try a yoga break to help restore your energy, reset your brain, and leave tension behind. Each theme includes a series of 4 videos – just 30-45 minutes each – perfect for a break in your busy day!

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Got kids at home? Have lots of fun with this series of yoga adventures!
At Home Together!Kids Yoga Fun

At Home Together: Kids Yoga Fun!

Our imaginations and bodies will stretch and strengthen as we pretend to be a variety of animals, superheroes, and explore space.

Dates: Available now! Purchase between now and March 1, 2021 to get unlimited views through March 31, 2021
Instructor: Audra Monk
Cost: $45, for four, 30-minute online videos

This series is geared towards ages 5-12, but appropriate for kids (and parents) of all ages. Each unique video demonstrates an active, playful practice for a child to follow along for approximately 30 minutes.

Video 1: Down on the Farm

Your child will enjoy this farm themed introduction to yoga! Each pose uses a different animal from the farm such as cow, cat, or frog based on variations of standard yoga poses. We use our imagination to move our bodies into yoga poses to build flexibility, strength, and balance. Approximately 30 minutes.

Video 2: Superhero Adventures

Explore your inner superhero while pretending to be popular characters from tv, film, and comics. Using a mixture of dynamic superhero exercises, this class builds upon the first class by reinforcing poses while learning new ones. Your child will embrace their inner superhero. No cape required. Approximately 30 minutes.

Video 3: Animal Adventures

Giraffes, Elephants, Crocodiles! We explore more exotic animals throughout the world as we reinforce and add new movements. Your child will continue growing in flexibility, strength, and balance while enjoying a world of animal fun. Approximately 30 minutes.

Video 4: An Outer Space Adventure

Your imagination expands into space as your child becomes an astronaut in training. We’ll explore heavy and light, pretend to be robots and aliens, as we continue to build strength, flexibility, and balance. Approximately 30 minutes.

Stress! Now more than ever before, stress has become a fact of life.
At Home Together!-Release Stress

At Home Together: Release Stress through Yoga!

Headaches, body aches and pains, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and depression, and insomnia all share a common root in how we react to life’s stressors. In these four videos, explore how stress affects our body, mind, emotions, and sleep patterns.

Dates: Available now! Purchase between now and March 1, 2021 to get unlimited views through March 31, 2021
Instructor: Carla McAdams
Cost: $55, for four, online videos (lengths listed below)

Each unique video includes educational information and a short yoga practice to release stress in ways that address the video’s topic.

Video 1: Ground, Move & Shake it out! Release Stress from the Body

Learn the basics of how our bodies react to stress, creating chronic pain and imbalances that affect both stability and movement patterns. Practice a short easy yoga sequence to release stress from the body, ground yourself and step forward in life with confidence. Approximately 35 minutes.

Video 2: Fuzzy Brain and Endless Thought Loops – Reclaim Your Mind’s Focus!

Stop replaying the day and “what if?” scenarios in your mind, creating an inability to concentrate and be productive in your life. Practice ways that yoga teaches your mind to focus and changes your perspective to be more positive and affirming. Approximately 40 minutes.

Video 3: Mood Swing Circuit – Step off the Emotional Merry-Go-Round

Emotions both drive our thoughts and react to them, and inevitably land in our body. Nurture yourself by letting go of anxiety and doubt, allowing a natural joy to arise in this nourishing yoga practice. Approximately 35 minutes.

Video 4: Sleep – the Great Rejuvenating Elixir of Life!

What robs your sleep and leaves you exhausted, with serious effects on your health and well-being? You guessed it – Stress! Gain tips from the wider practices of yoga to help you get a good night’s sleep, including a special hour of “Me Time” right before bed, then experience the rejuvenating effects of a restorative yoga practice. Approximately 50 minutes.

Sitting at home all day working in your home office?
At Home Together! Better Workdays

At Home Together: Better Workdays with Office Yoga!

Learn to create greater ease in your body while sitting through proper alignment and taking breaks to stretch tight muscles. Build strength in your body to increase stamina and maintain mental focus throughout your workday with yoga.

Dates: Available now! Purchase between now and March 1, 2021 to get unlimited views through March 31, 2021
Instructor: Mary Barton
Cost: $55, for four, online videos (lengths listed below)
Follow these 40-45 minute instructional videos as individual practices or do all of them for a complete body yoga practice.

Video 1: Proper Alignment for Better Health

Learn the ergonomics for proper spinal alignment while working at your desk and how poor posture can adversely affect your health. Apply stretches that will counteract repetitive movement while working. Approximately 40 minutes.

Video 2: Relieve Stress While You Sit

Relieve stress throughout the whole body as you stretch in seated yoga postures. Also learn practices to help alleviate eye strain and tension headaches. Approximately 40 minutes.

Video 3: Strengthen your Posture

Develop full body strength and balance through yoga poses. Strengthen the entire body with emphasis on muscle toning to assist in proper posture for longer periods of seated work time. Approximately 40 minutes.

Video 4: Strong, Supple and Balanced – Be a Home Office Warrior!

The video incorporates all the yoga strengthening, stretching and balance movements in one 30-minute practice. All these poses and movements can be used individually throughout your day or in their entirety as a complete yoga practice. Approximately 45 minutes.