Dedicated to the craft of teaching, MSY teachers are professionally-certified and use their years of experience to offer safe and transformative classes and workshops.  

Carla McAdams

Carla McAdams


Yoga has woven a path of practice, study and self-realization throughout Carla’s life since she was young, leading her to teach yoga in 2000 and open Mountain Spirit Yoga in 2007. Drawing from many styles of yoga and several years of teaching experience, she crafts in-depth classes that are safe for her students to explore movement in their bodies, while creating stillness in their minds and compassion in their hearts.

Carla is a yoga therapist, professionally certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is an experienced teacher of therapeutic yoga. She graduated from Integrative Yoga Therapy, one of the pre-eminent yoga therapy training programs in the country. She also holds advanced yoga therapy training certificates in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga Therapy through Body Balance Yoga. Additionally, Carla completed a Yoga for Seniors training through Duke Integrative Medicine, as well as other trainings in working with Seniors. She is often a guest instructor in a local teacher training program.

Off the mat, Carla’s passions include gardening, immersing herself in nature, spending time with her grandchildren, and traveling – anywhere, anytime.

Audra Monk

Audra Monk headshot

E-RYT 200

Audra has studied yoga since 2000 and began teaching in 2002. She earned her teaching certification from Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Virginia. She has studied yoga for kids, pregnancy, and seniors. She believes that yoga is for everybody and encourages students to recognize that our bodies change each and every day; to accept where they are in their bodies at any given moment, be gentle with themselves, and –most of all- to have fun! Audra brings a lighthearted style to her classes that are infused with all of the things she holds dear: nature, her husband and children, her pets and the world around us. To Audra, everything is connected and yoga makes those connections more vibrant.

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The Crafty Yogi

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Mary Barton

photo of Mary Barton

RYT 200, Certified Pilates Instructor

Mary is certified at the beginner and intermediate levels for mat Pilates classes by Power Pilates. To enhance her teaching, she became licensed in the Buff Bones program to strengthen bones and improve balance. Her Pilates Plus! class incorporates principles from that training and is accessible for students with osteopenia/osteoporosis, as well as for all students working to improve their bone health. Mary is also a certified Prana Flow yoga teacher at the 200-hour level and has specialty training in Restorative Yoga with Shannon Paige. Her teaching is precise and suitable for beginners, yet individually challenging for intermediate students.

Margy Smariga

Margy Smariga photo

MA, E-RYT 500, CYT

Margy is an experienced yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist trained in the Viniyoga tradition. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Bagheera Yoga/PruYoga and began teaching in 2005. Realizing that she wanted to specialize in the therapeutic applications of yoga, she began studying with Gary Kraftsow and the faculty of the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI). She commuted to California for four years to complete AVI’s 500-hour advanced teacher training and a second 500-hour yoga therapist training. In addition, she has completed professional trainings in yoga for seniors and yoga for cancer. Margy is on the faculty of AVI’s teacher training program and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is honored to share her love of yoga with others and to help individuals of all ages and abilities discover the many benefits that yoga offers them.

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Kaylah McCourtney

Kaylah McCourtney headshot

RYT 200

Kaylah stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time in her early days of motherhood. Practicing yoga became a way to heal from the inside out and ignited a passion within her to share these tools with others. Kaylah’s teaching style is compassionate, graceful and authentic – reflective of her own yoga journey. Her methods have been shaped and informed by personal experience on and off her mat, as well as the variety of training programs she has participated in over the last seven years, including: 200 hours of training and certification through YogaFit, an ongoing pursuit of her 300hour RYT in Prana Flow, leadership training with Off the Mat Into the World, and Centered Coach training and certification through Centeredbeing. Kaylah’s mission is to guide, support and hold space for the process of healing and transformation that is possible through yoga. Her classes will challenge you to dive deeper and deeper into your own experience, embodying courage and compassion as you learn from the best teacher you will ever know – your Self.

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Linda Franklin

photo of Linda Franklin

RYT 200

Linda’s classes reflect an interest in self-discovery through body awareness and guided meditation, based on where her students are now. Her gentle style and voice invite students to discover and then explore the place where they are at that moment, in an atmosphere of complete acceptance. Linda began her own yogic journey in 2008 at Mountain Spirit Yoga. She left her first class with two thoughts: “Why didn’t I know about this earlier?” and “I am going to be a yoga teacher one day.” In 2013 she received her teaching certificate from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and was honored to mentor with Carla McAdams in teaching yoga to Seniors. An experience with a terminally ill relative led her to explore the healing effects of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis, which she is now certified to lead. Linda has also applied yoga to her other passion, handbell ringing, and has taught workshops on “Yoga for Practice and Performance”, and “Yoga for Safe Ringing” for the Handbell Musicians of America.

Jessica Atwell

Jessica Atwell headshot

RYT 200

Jessica is a registered 200 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She completed a six-month, vinyasa-inspired training with Mind the Mat in Alexandria, VA in February 2015. She has done further study in prenatal & postpartum yoga as well as restorative yoga. Yoga is infinitely healing to Jessica, and the impact her practice has had on her personally is the motivator to lovingly hold space for others to experience life change through yoga, too. Her favorite classes to teach are gentle, slow flow, and restorative, and she also has a passion to work with moms to be, new moms, and those who are “new” to the practice of yoga. She believes that yoga is accessible and will benefit any person, regardless of life path or experience. In each class or workshop with Jessica, participants will find a calm, inviting environment where all are welcome to relax, explore, and reflect.

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Yoga with Jessica Atwell

Cain Yentzer

photo of Cain Yentzer
Cain is an expert in the science and practice of Tai-Chi. Educated in Washington D.C. at the Great River Taoist Center and in the Republic of China at The National Tai-Chi Ch’uan Association, he has since gone on to teach in both the Far-East and West. His greatest pleasure is helping others in finding true healing and inner peace.

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Inner Court Tai Ji

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Sarah Metz

photo of Sarah Metz

RYT 500, LMT

Sarah completed her initial Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 at the Yoga Connection in Tucson, AZ and continued her studies at the 500 hour level in 2012. Sarah is also a massage therapist and energy worker who is endlessly fascinated by anatomy and the mental, emotional, and spiritual intersects of the human experience.

Julie Kaus

photo of Julie Kaus

RYT 200

Julie is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Wellness Educator, Psychotherapist, and Ecotherapist. Her style of teaching focuses on the healing aspects of a yoga practice. She views yoga and psychotherapy as journeys to “wholeness” and self-discovery. Her classes combine yoga philosophy and earth wisdom; the physical and emotional benefits of the yoga postures; breathwork & stillness to foster emotional release and relaxation. Julie received a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and has been in the mental health field since 1986. Julie’s other interests include leading wellness retreats & workshops for women and nature & yoga hikes.

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Living Balanced

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Julie on Pinterest Julie on Pinterest

Miyako Zeng

photo of Miyako Zeng

RYT 500

Miyako started private meditation lessons in her hometown of Tokyo, Japan when she was in her twenties. Her curiosity and sense of adventure led her to study yoga, chi gong, tai chi, Alexander technique, therapeutic massage, and healing touch. Miyako has been practicing yoga over 20 years and her teachers include Mary Karis (New York), Jennifer Hawkins (Cincinnati), and Carla McAdams (Frederick). After practicing yoga for 20 years, Miyako decided to become a yoga teacher after she recovered from frozen shoulder. She trained at Sol Yoga in Frederick, Maryland and earned her RYT-500. Teaching is Miyako’s passion. In addition to teaching yoga, Miyako is a trained pianist and has been teaching piano over 30 years. She teaches her piano students to “breathe” when they get nervous on the stage. Miyako is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a student of Ayurveda.

Alison Kennedy

photo of Alison Kennedy

RYT 200

Alison came to yoga as a result of a chronic illness in 2009. After earning her 200-hour Teacher certification, she delved into an intensive training in Ayurveda, which included study in the healing art of Shirodhara and Abhyanga. Alison’s awareness of the potential power of the somatic practice of yoga deepened and she was drawn to study the psychological and physiological fields, including how fascia profoundly impacts everything from one’s posture and movement to one’s internal rhythms. This led her to complete trainings in Positional Therapy, Yin Yoga, and Trauma Informed Teaching. Alison holds a Certificate in Early Child Development and had an early career as a preschool teacher. The natural progression into yoga included earning her certification in Child Light Yoga. She approaches her practice and teaching as she does her life, showing up to the mat in the most authentic and honest way possible. In her uniquely warm, compassionate and engaging way, Alison delights in sharing the joy and play of yoga. It is her hope that through teaching from her own varied life experiences she can help facilitate a journey of self-healing and love for all her students.

Kandi Austin

Kandi Austin

RYT 500

Kandi completed her 10-month, 200-hour, Yoga teacher training at the Yoga Center of Columbia in October 2007. She’s completed 16 hours of Sanskrit training with Vyass Houston founder of the American Sanskrit Institute. “Sanskrit is as much like music as language, bringing the mind into a beautiful flow.” You may find laughter in some of her classes as she integrates 12 hours of training in Laughter Yoga with Karen Ricagno. She is a certified prenatal yoga teacher thru her studies with Janice Clarfield at Kripalu. She is a Level III Reiki practitioner and teacher. She most recently received her certification in Sacred Childbirth with Reiki. Kandi’s goal is to lead you on a beautiful journey of transformation, as she leads her classes through the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Her goal is to help her students to find relief from suffering…find flexibility, strength, and a renewed sense of health. With a reflective attitude, mindfulness and balance, she connects with students hearts, inspiring them to express their yoga from the inside out. Yoga helps one to rediscover the happiness, the light and love, within. It is Kandi’s belief that everyone is affected by the practice of yoga, because as one rediscovers his or her own inner beauty, they can’t help but to bring that joy out into the world at large. When your heart is soft, your mind clear, and your body in good alignment, you experience the joy of who you are.

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Kandi Austin Yoga and Maryland Center for Reiki Taining

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Katie Giarth

Katie Giarth

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Katie is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner who has seven years of experience teaching the Feldenkrais® Method. Katie was chronically ill and disabled when she discovered the Method, and regained function, eliminated her chronic pain and returned to a full and wonderful life within a few months of her discovery of the Method in 2010. Katie has had experience teaching many groups of people ranging from those in extreme pain or post-op situations to athletes looking to improve their performance.

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Brain Body Motion

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Pam Herath

photo of Pam Herath

CYT 500, Souluna Life Coach

Pam, an Educator, Consultant, Life Coach, and Yogi, has presented over 300+ workshops on a variety of topics including self-awareness, leadership development, culture building, and equity and inclusion. In addition to her ongoing work in high school and collegiate athletics, she also presented to the Purdue University Business Students and was a keynote speaker for the University of Delaware’s Womens’ Week series. She has presented parent and coach workshops at St. John Regional Catholic School and teaches yoga classes at Mountain Spirit Yoga.

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