Policies & Guidelines

While we all plan to come to class as often as possible…life happens! For those situations, please follow our Studio Policies. Read our Practice Guidelines to learn what to expect before, during, and after class.

2020 Re-opening Policies

Park Pop-Up Policies

  • Come 10-15 minutes early to check in and set up;
  • Bring a mat, beach towel, water, hat, and sunglasses;
  • Maintain 6′ distance between mats and other students.

In-Studio Policies

As we re-open in July 2020, MSY will strictly follow all restrictions and guidelines set by the state of Maryland:

  • Complete a self health questionnaire (verbal) in order to enter the studio;
  • Maintain 6′ distance between mats and other students;
  • Socially distance as you move through the studio;
  • Wear masks when entering, exiting, and within the studio (optional on your mat);
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the studio;
  • Clean everything used or touched after each class (students may be asked to clean their own props or any studio props used – like usual; teachers will disinfect all studio props used).

These measures will help ensure the safety of our yoga community, plus those at home. They change other factors as well for the time being:

  • Classes will be 60 minutes long in order to limit exposure time and allow teachers to clean thoroughly after each class;
  • You must bring your own mat, water bottle (filled), and other props you like to use (beach towel instead of a blanket, peanut or tennis balls, straps);
  • All personal props must be thoroughly cleaned before bringing them into the studio;
  • Unfortunately, students cannot use studio blankets, belts, peanuts, or eye pillows at this time. We can offer blocks and elastic bands, as they are easy to disinfect. MSY has limited amounts of mats, mat bags, blocks, peanuts and therapy balls for sale.

Watch this video about how to enter the studio under these new guidelines.

Studio Policies


Make up any missed class at a similar level during the current session only. Missed classes will not be pro-rated.


A class or workshop may be cancelled for insufficient registration, inclement weather, or at the discretion of the owner. Registrants will be notified by phone and/or e-mail. If the studio cancels a class or workshop, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded, with no administrative fee.

Class Refunds

You may receive a class refund minus a $25 administrative fee according to the following schedule:

  • After first week, 100% of the tuition is refunded.
  • After second week, 60% of the tuition is refunded.
  • After third week, 30% of the tuition is refunded.

Note: Refunds are calculated from the date of the student’s request, not from missed classes.

Workshop Refunds

You may receive a workshop refund minus an administrative fee* according to the following schedule:

  • Two weeks before event, 100% of the workshop cost is refunded.
  • One week before event, 50%, of the workshop cost is refunded, unless the open spot can be filled.
  • Less than one week before event, 0%, of the workshop cost is refunded, unless the open spot can be filled.

*Administrative fees for Workshops range from $10 (if the original cost is $100 or less) to $25 (if the original cost is more than $100).

Inclement Weather

Mountain Spirit Yoga classes may be cancelled for inclement weather at the discretion of the studio. A message will be placed on 301-371-YOGA and an e-mail notice sent out approximately 1-2 hours before a class if it is being cancelled.

If your class is cancelled, you will receive a voucher that can be used for the missed class during the current session or the following session. Please use your best judgement to remain safe when deciding to attend a class during inclement weather.

Practice Guidelines

Class Attendance

Come to class each week to learn new postures and breathing techniques, to practice what you have learned, and to build your strength, endurance and flexibility. For the greatest benefit from yoga, create a daily home practice.

Prepare for Class

Come to class a few minutes early. Bring into class only what you need to support your practice (your yoga mat and other props) and leave the rest of your belongings and worldly cares at the door.

Place your mat and stretch or relax to prepare yourself for class. Please avoid unnecessary talking before or after class to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and to respect other students’ quiet.

Running Late or Missing Class?

If you are late to class, please wait quietly in the entryway until the centering is completed. If you know you are going to miss class, please let the teacher know so another student can have your spot.

Yoga Props

Bring your own yoga mat and other props if you have them. The studio provides extra mats; as well as blocks, blankets, belts, bolsters, and eye pillows to enhance your yoga practice.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement. Dress in layers and always bring a sweater or jacket for relaxation. Yoga is practiced barefoot and without jewelry that interferes with movement. Please refrain from wearing perfume, highly scented lotions, or aftershave. Some students are very sensitive to fragrances and strong scents may affect everyone’s deep breathing.

Eating Before Class

Yoga needs to be practiced on an empty stomach to avoid nausea. Please don’t eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before class.

Health Considerations

On your first visit to the studio, you will complete a health card. Before each class, tell your teacher if you have any recent injuries or health concerns, and if you are under a doctor’s care for spinal problems, sinus conditions, blood pressure fluctuations, or a serious disease.

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